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How The Fuck Do You Figure?


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  1. Converting decimals into fractions isn’t hard. To convert a decimal into a fraction, you put the numbers to the right of the decimal point in the numerator (above the fraction line). Next, you place the number 1 in the denominator, and then add as many zeroes as the numerator has digits. Reduce the fraction if [ ].
  2. Apr 13,  · Line 7: After you calculate EBIT, add your company's interest expense. Interest is what you pay on any debt your company owes. To calculate the interest on the debt, you have to know the interest rate you are paying and multiply it by the principal amount of your debt. For this example, the interest amount is assumed at $30, and goes on Line 7.
  3. You can do this with either the first derivative test or the second derivative test. You may be wondering why you have to test the critical numbers when you can see where the peaks and valleys are by just looking at the graph in the figure — which you can, of course, reproduce on your graphing calculator. Good point.
  4. Apr 18,  · Referrals. If the attendant wants to offer the extra, they will ask at the end of the massage. If you’re quiet clear that that’s what you want, avoid going to a licensed massage therapist. They’re not legally allowed or very inclined. Their traini.
  5. Mar 14,  · “How the fuck do I figure out what to do with my life?” my little sister asked the other day. I lol’d. “Or maybe that’s just me,” she said. I think she knew that wasn’t true before she finished typing it. How many people do you know who have figured out ‘what to do’ with their lives? I know a few. But most people don’t have a clear picture of what they want to do with .
  6. Auto loans are often five-year (or shorter) amortized loans that you pay down with a fixed monthly serhyreredvivathopercheapbripenmins.coinfo loans are available, but you'll spend more on interest, and risk being upside-down on your loan, meaning your loan exceeds your car's resale value if you stretch things out too long to get a lower payment. Home loans are traditionally year or year fixed rate .
  7. If you have to make a payment, you can use the worksheets located in the instructions (PDF) to Form , Health Coverage Exemptions (PDF), to figure the shared responsibility payment amount due. Filing electronically is the easiest way to file a complete and accurate tax return.
  8. Apr 24,  · To calculate probability, you need to know how many total possible outcomes there are, and how many of those possible outcomes will achieve the desired result. Determine the total number of possible outcomes and call this number "T." In a "five card draw" game of poker, if you are trading in one card, there would be 47 possible outcomes.
  9. Jun 30,  · Do this for each side of the equation. Look at the subscripts next to each atom to find the number of atoms in the equation. When writing it out, it's a good idea to connect it back to the original equation, noting how each element appears. For example, you have 3 oxygen atoms on the right side, but that total results from addition.

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